Roger Daltrey

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Roger Daltrey (nice pullover) and Ronnie van Zant

Roger Daltrey outside of the Tommy Holiday Camp

Roger Daltrey photographed at the BBC studios c.1966 

Roger Daltrey

"I think there’s something about the internet now, that because you can download just a few tracks, that something gets lost. And that’s why I’m still a great proponent of vinyl, because not only does it sound better, but as an artistic format, the album cover, the scale of it, the shape of it, it’s the perfect artistic statement. And they sound so much better, there’s no doubt about it. And it becomes more personal because if you scratch it, there’s a scratch there from you. SO there are these things on vinyl that will never live on in digital. The coffee stains on the cover."

- Roger Daltrey, Reddit AMA 7/2/14 (via mcfffartney)


Pictures of Roger I’ve never seen before..

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